About Us


Air Duct Services & Restoration provides experienced, certified personnel trained in all aspects of our offered services implementing the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Air Duct Services & Restoration offers this changing industry price, experience and commitment to a variety of clients consisting of municipals, residential, industrial and commercial settings. Air Duct Services & Restoration has 40+ Technicians and 15+ Trucks. Our technicians, supervisors and project managers are trained, certified and updated on all current guidelines in demolition, mold remediation and fungi growth product information. We service the greater Boston, Fall River, and Braintree Areas.

The management team at Air Duct Services & Restoration is comprised of some of the highest caliber professionals in the HVAC industry. Each of them is a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, and their tremendous experience and dedication to understanding each client’s individual needs drives them to provide the highest level of customer service possible. Not only do they strive to provide customers with in-depth analysis in each particular project, they also work tirelessly to ensure that the technicians at Air Duct Services & Restoration are trained to uphold the highest standards of the industry. As changes in the industry occur, our management staff is constantly updating their knowledge and education to ensure that the company provides the best technical support possible.



As President, Jack has provided the groundwork for the operation of the entire company. From implementing standard operating procedures to establishing guidelines for both the management team and our crews, it is his vision, “be the best” philosophy, and dedication to indoor air quality that drives him to constantly re-evaluate the company’s level of service and ensure its superior quality, as well as to see that the services provided by Air Duct Services & Restoration are state-of-the-art.

Vice President, Operations

With over thirty years in the industry, Ken Schaefer brings to the company an in-depth knowledge and superior level of interpersonal skill seldom found anywhere. He has served in both the capacity of Project Manager and Director of Operations to great success, consistently providing every customer with an unsurpassed level of service, as well as filling a key leadership position within the company.

Mike Ryberg, S/WRT, ASCS, VSMR, BCCS
Director of Sales and Marketing

Mike came to us with 7 years’ experience in sales and marketing management in the restoration business and other industries as well. He now has been with us for 6 years and is a vital part of our company’s growth and development. Mike’s focus is to build and retain relationships with new as well as existing clients. He is also a member of many organizations and committees in the area Greater Boston area. Mike has the team-player mentality, no matter what the situation is, Mike is always there to lend a hand. Mike’s main priority is making sure we fulfill the customers’ expectations in a timely and efficient manner.

Kevin Gerard, WRT, ASD, BCCS
Project Manager

Kevin Gerard started with us 10 years ago as a Field Supervisor. Where he supervised many large commercial projects for all services we provide. One year ago Kevin was promoted to a project manager position. Kevin knowledge and experience is an asset to the company. Kevin prides himself on providing a professional service for all customers no matter the size.