What You Should Do After Storm Damage in Weymouth, MA

Storms can be destructive. The high-speed winds can rip off the roof tiles and let in water into the house. The water can foster a good environment for the growth of mold and damage electrical appliances. Most of these damages can leave you shaken and without an idea of where to start and what to do next. Here are some things you need to consider after storm damage in order to get back to normal life.

Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Most companies have a 24/7 home emergency helpline that you can call for advice. Your insurance company will make necessary arrangements and send their agents to evaluate the extent of the damage and advise you on the course of action to take in order to get compensated. Failing to contact your insurer earlier enough can compromise your claim.

Take Pictures Of The Damage

Taking pictures of the damage caused by the storm should be the next step after calling the insurance company. Photograph the outside of the house and any property that has been destroyed. Take pictures of the inside of the house and any other interior item that has been damaged. The pictures should also include all the trees and debris from the neighbor’s compound that have caused damage to your home.

Make Quick Adjustments To Secure The Place

You need to secure the place so that there are no additional damages from loose structures. Cover the areas of the roof that have been exposed after the storm to prevent more rainwater from getting into the house and causing further damage. Use plastic sheets or plywood to cover broken windows and exterior walls. Remove all the valuable items from the house in case you are moving out temporarily. You may also want to clean up the place by removing fallen branches and any outdoor furniture that has been thrown around.

Evaluate Your Homeowner's Insurance

Some companies do not cover storm damage in Weymouth, MA. Others only cover you if you are willing to negotiate for a deductible. Find a copy of your insurance policy and see if it covers storm damage or whether your case exceeds the deductible. Get in touch with the insurance company and notify them of your intention to file a claim. Store the pictures you took in a CD or a portable memory card and present them to the insurer. Make sure you have a copy of receipts in case you bought replacement items such as television, carpet, computer or microwave.

Make The Repairs

If your storm damage in Weymouth, MA is minimal, you can do some repairs yourself. Do not attempt to repair the home if you have no experience or if the damage is significant. Contact a qualified storm damage contractor who is licensed to operate in Weymouth to help you. The contractor must also be well conversant with the existing buildings codes in Weymouth. Request the contractor to give you a copy of his license, pictures of past work and contact details of previous customers. Call the customers and ask them about their overall experience with the contractor. You should also make sure that the contractor is recognized by an insurance company. You can ask the insurance agents about possible recommendations to companies that are approved in the policy.